Ter Verpoozing = Recreation

This website is for my and your recreation.

In English you will find:


Books, free as pdf:

 Free downloads at Project Gutenberg.


Zambian stories in Myself Maswabi

Terra incognita an American – Mike Nocella – about

           the (Northern) Netherlands

Pedagogy in A real trick down my sock



The man with two faces, My life in Rwanda by 

Jean Claude Rwibasira



Art & Garden (no text: music)

Teaching is easy and Salvia hot lips

How to prepare Spanish omelet (music)

Dialect is not the new Latin (in English, Dutch and Drents dialect)

 Violets festival (selling violets, community building)

Life after death (decomposition after the final hour)


Who am I?

I am a writer – after a career as a science teacher trainer – and movie maker, and photographer. I wrote stories and novels in Drents dialect. These days I write novels and short stories in Dutch. Nearly all my books are for free (pdf) (Verzameld Werk means Collected Writings). I assist authors to produce and publish books of their own.

Ter Verpoozing is archaic Dutch meaning: a pleasant way to spend life; no obligations, no stress, not for money but for natural growth (whatever that means).

I have been in the news quiet a few times and I received several awards. (May be more awards than readers of my stories). A fair number of stories and novels can be listened to in voice over. You can download Dutch & Drents audio as well. Stories read in Dutch and Drents. More stories and films can be found on my YouTube channel Ter Verpoozing.

Main subjects of my literary writings: identity (Who is the Drent? Meaning of life (none). Human behavior (violence, sex, philosophy). Relations. I like to add extra's to a story. There is more than you initially think there is. My prose requires active participation and solid attention.


Felt & Art

My wife is a felt artist, making shawls and ornaments. Films in English as well.